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SilenzXE's News

Posted by SilenzXE - July 24th, 2009

Status updates:

TABLET! WOOT! I GOT A BLOODY TABLET FINALLY. I have been wanting one of these cool things for AGES! NOW I HAVE ONE! Lookout, I will be spamming the site for a long time to come with random pictures! :D

No pics as of yet. But look for future updates. :P

I am also practicing ma madness skills. So... yeah... look for new madness movie some time in the future... hopefully 'twill be better than ma other movie.

It'll be really awesome, and I am looking forward to doing it! :D

Posted by SilenzXE - July 5th, 2009

Hey guys, have a bunch of madness sprite sheets.

http://nez-man.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/29612

This guy has gone and organized a lot of madness stuff in one post. Worth taking a look.

None is mine, but hey, this stuff is pretty cool. Could be of help to people wanting to start making Madness movies before they start on their own style...


Posted by SilenzXE - December 14th, 2008

I have been working on a madness themed movie. It will be me first flash movie ever. I am currently at 965 (or so) frames. It is looking quite good, for a first. And, yes, it doesn't have a story in accordance to all (most?) other madness offerings. It has quite a few sprites from the madness series. Some as old as MC4 and as new as MC8 (sorry, no Sanford or Diemos).

I designed my own scope for a sniper rifle (you know, Jebus' one at the start of MC8). It is green, and it sure looks good. There are some sounds from the MCs and others I found here and there. Yes, I sort of cheated by using sprites, but that's because I don't own a tablet yet (yet).


I have aborted trying to import the bloody pivot images to flash. They just turn up white (or whatever the first frame is). Be nice If I could fix it.


Warcraft III map may take longer than Christmas to make. There are several reasons:

1. Models are giving me hell, not appearing in the editor OR in the game.

2. Doing stuff... y'know, playing games, eating pie, listening to music, stuff.

3. Doing flash pl0x.

Oh ya, and I will update me bloody user image too. Yes, I did it in PAINT SHOP PRO 8. In a few minutes.

Posted by SilenzXE - December 1st, 2008

I have been "commissioned" by LittleLuckyLink to create a Warcraft III version of "Dawn of the Madness". For those who have Warcraft III and may want to watch it, you will need TFT and patch V1.22.

I hope to have it done at LEAST by Christmas. First, it will take this long because there is a LOT of shit I need to do such as:

- Units
- Spells
- Regions
- Triggers
- Terraining
- Weapons!!! (VERY hard to do in Warcraft!)
- Blood, Corpses (if I can get the trigger to work...), Fauna, Trees and all that.
- Get models, skins. Not madness models, NO WAY. Unless someone donates them.

Other reasons I may get held up is because of high school, or unforeseeable things like... PC dies... or something like that.

If ANYONE would like to help, send me a PM.

In other news...

Flash 8 is pissing me off massively. It doesn't seem to want to import the images. I really don't know whats happening... there may be a max amount of images you can import at once...

Anyway, the main problem is that... the images are importing its just they don't APPEAR in the frames. I have a feeling adding all the images makes the Flash much larger than it likes. The Pivot images are pretty big... about 1 Meg each. I guess that's a bit to big. There are over 2K of 'em.

That's all for now.

Posted by SilenzXE - October 15th, 2008

I am going to try to upload my best Pivot. It will have music and it will be MUCH longer. That is, as long as long as Flash doesn't go "Sorry, but what the hell is "Samimage1"? It does not seem to be a .bmp fi- oh wait... it is. There must be a problem with your image!".

I have a lot o' other pivots to submit as well. I am also working on about 3 really good ones. Most of my newest Pivots will be about some guy called Sam.

Anyway, heres a preview.

Coming Soon!

Posted by SilenzXE - September 21st, 2008

Do you know what Newgrounds need? Some REET

And some WORSHIP.

Posted by SilenzXE - April 8th, 2008

I have finally seen the light! I am now going to quote a signature:

Are there any players of runescape or former players of runescape?

Then you know Jagex ruined it.

Allright Jagex software, prepare for yet another attack.

You ended player killing and replaced it with bounty hunter and castle wars, you made a trade limit, and you made the Grand Exchange so merchanting is impossible.

All of this was done in the name of ending real-world item trading.

Well, Jagex, you are all filthy hypocrites.


The rational you have behind not allowing real world trading is that it is unfair for monetarily opulent people to simply buy their way into having all the items they want, instead of working hard. It destroys the "spirit of the game."

Don't be surprised when I say this, but many F2P players abide better by the spirit of the game than members. They work hard to get their items, and they are helpful members of the Runescape society. Members are somewhat arrogant and show-offy.

So in terms of abiding by the spirit of the game, don't F2P players deserve a chance to get the same benefit as members because they work so hard?

Members have available to them more land to explore, more skills to train, and more items to obtain. They do so because they paid money...to YOU. In terms of abiding by the spirit of the game, shouldn't just the most respectful people have these benefits, not those who have the money?

You have facilitated real world trading, Jagex. You give benfits to those who pay. Isn't that real world trading, hypocrites?

You have ruined the game with your series of updates for nothing.

Posted by SilenzXE - January 12th, 2008

I have a new avatar.

Posted by SilenzXE - January 7th, 2008

Yay, just finished my new top image thingy. Comment please.

Posted by SilenzXE - December 5th, 2007

Happy New Year.

I think...?=)